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So, Hello and Welcome! this is my first blog…. I’m so glad you stopped by read it 🙂

I started my new career journey in 2017 when I decided I wanted to be a counsellor and help people live better lives. I have lived in many different places in the UK, and met many, many wonderful people in my lifetime. The one thing that I noticed when meeting and forming relationships with people, is that everyone is different and have their own history, their own backgrounds and their own ways of coping with life events and everyday stresses.

I quickly noticed that these people, friends and acquaintances were able to open up to me and tell me their problems, troubles, and worries. A common theme was that I was non judgemental, easy to talk to and felt like I was listening to them.

I did some research and realised that this could be seen as a form of counselling.. but talking to your friends and associates is completely different to counselling, and counselling requires years of study and practice. I studied Psychology at ‘A’ level which fascinated me and still does to this day and decided that I was going to enrol on a counselling course.

Early 2019 I qualified as a Hypnotherapist and this work completely thrills me. I love how the subconscious mind works and through hypnotherapy people can make a lasting change.

2020 I achieved my Level 4 in Counselling skills and Theory and currently enjoying my Level 5 course and looking for a level 6 course to further my knowledge and to offer better help and support to my clients.

I absolutely love what I do, I love helping people and see people change when they realise their worth, or deal with their issues and turn into confident human beings.

I also volunteer for the bereavement charity Cruse and offer support to those in grief.

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